Lowther Park Farms
Sheep and Arable
Cattle and Red Deer

Farm Awards 2015

John Harrison Finalist 2014 - Sheep Farmer of The Year

Lowther Park Farms Administrator

Emma Nelson-Slack

Emma Nelson-Slack






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Lowther Park Farms

Over 3200 acres of historic parkland and farmland are farmed by the estates 'in hand' farming company Lowther Park Farms Ltd which is based at Home Farm adjacent to Lowther Castle.  The land from 600 feet to over 1000 feet above sea level on fells above the Lake District.  The ground is mixed but most is richly fertile and supports four key enterprises.

  • 5200 Breeding ewes plus 1000 replacements
  • 900 acres of arable
  • 200 summer grazed store cattle
  • 90 red deer

Lowther Farm Team photo

We describe our approach to farming as 'traditional modern'.

For several years we farmed organically, but did not see any difference between organic and the best conventional systems that we now adopt. We believe that providing the best possible environment and welfare for our stock is more important than adhering to a regime. We pride ourselves on the quality of stockmanship and management at Lowther and adopt an extensive system which combines all the environmental issues that need to be maintained whilst holding a profitable business.


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