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Hackthorpe Hall, Lowther Estate


Castle & Gardens
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2014 - at Lowther

The Castle and its historic gardens moves on apace and are fully open to the public after the huge transformation of the Castle ruin and its gardens.  Visitors can see the gardens coming back to life as 400 years of history are discovered by the team of gardeners now working here.  The stable courtyard is now transformed into a beautiful area with a cafë open for light lunches, teas and coffees.  


To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of hostilities in the First World War please see the new timeline/chronology from September 1914 to May 1915 of the formation of the Lonsdale Battalion of the Border Regiment as compiled by David Bowcock (former Assistant Archivist, Carlisle).

Follow the link to take you straight to the Archivist Blog Page where you can access the PDF, or navigate through our Lowther tab to the Timeline and whilst on this page enjoy reading about the many facets to the Lowther Family and the diversity of the Lowther Estate through the ages.
To complement the timeline/chronology there is also History by Subject, this expands on the timeline/chronology making very interesting reading.

Moving forward - Lowther Events 2015

KENDAL CALLING -  the sell-out music event, voted Best Small Festival at the 2010 UK Festival Awards, will be back at Lowther in 2015.  Planning is already underway for this ever popular music festival.  The Festival will be held on 30th July to 2nd August 2015. For more details see website www.kendalcalling.co.uk

BORN SURVIVOR - 4th April 2015.  A military style obstacle course over 10k, designed by British Royal Marine Commando's.  For more details see website www.born-survivor.com